A Word from the Senior Pastor


It is my great privilege to introduce our Church ministry to people who have the same burden to evangelize the lost.

Chil Chil Baptist Church is an independent self-governing Conservative Church, located in the Northeastern part of India, in the state of Manipur. It exists to evangelize South East Asia with the Gospel of truth. North eastern states of India are surrounded by the most unreached people groups of the world (80%)  We chose this place as the center of our ministry because there is no better, convenient and strategic  place on earth than where we are located to evangelize these people. God has chosen the North eastern people to be the agents of carrying out His great commission.

Under the umbrella of Chil Chil Baptist Church, there are various mission oriented ministries to facilitate evangelization of the South East Asia. They are primarily divided into three: Mission, Development and Academy.

Under mission department, we have some missionaries of our own are working in different parts of India. We particularly emphasize training the neighboring countries so that they would return to their own countries  and evangelize their people. For this purpose, we established two academies: Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary and Chil Chil Asian Mission School.

Starting Doctor of Ministry is our highest priority. We endeavor to begin it next year, 2017.

The Seminary provides theological  training while the School gives secular education. And we also engage in various developmental projects. We also associate with Gaius International Missions Society and Gaius Bible Institute in South Korea.



Dr. David T. Wijunamai
Senior Pastor, Chil Chil Baptist Church