Academic Expenses

System of Payment

Fees may be paid in two installments. In the first installment 50% of the total amount should be paid, that is on the day of registration in the Month of August. The second installment may be paid at the beginning of the second semester, that is, in the month of February.

Work Scholarship

1. Chil Chil University is committed to providing the highest quality theological training program   at the most reasonable cost. Most of the students pay only a portion of the entire cost of their training and the  rest of amount is adjusted from work.

2. All the Work Scholarship students are required to work minimum of 11 hours a week 2 hours    each for two  alternate days from Monday to Friday, and another 7 hours every Saturday.
3. All the non Scholarship boarders are required to work minimum of three hours every   Saturday.
4. If any student is unable to make up all the required hours during the academic session, he/she    should make  alternative arrangement for payment of the fees. Without the clearance of all the   dues no student shall be allowed to register for the current Academic session.
5. Wages for one hour is Rs. 100 for both Boys and Girls.