Academic Policies

New Student’s Orientation

Attendance at orientation is required for all new students  and is a part of standard admission process. New Student orientation is designed to facilitate familiarity with Chil Chil academics, personal, campus services, registration, University life, and general University policies/procedures. Students find the fellowship, instruction, and “spirit” of orientation to be extremely helpful toward assimilation into the CCU community and academic success.


Regular and punctual attendance to classes is expected of all students at Chil Chil University. The student alone assumes responsibility for all absences. Classes missed the two days before and/or after holidays are counted as double absences.


Students must take all examinations on the assigned dates. Make-up examinations, if expressly approved by the teacher, may be taken within one week of the date of the absence.

Repeating a Course

If a student fails a course, or if final grade is below the minimum requirements for graduation in his/her major, he /she may repeat that course. All grades earned by a student become part of his permanent record and will show on any transcript issued by the university; however, when a course is repeated at CCU, the highest earned grade is used in computing the grade point average (GPA) and the credit hours are only counted once.

Course Load

Normally full-time students will carry 18-21 credit hours per semester. For M. Th. full time load is 9-12 credit hours per semester. Students whose grade point average falls below C will be placed on academic probation and the hour may be reduced. No student is allowed to exceed his academic load without administrative approval. Student must register for courses each semester according to the required course sequence for their chosen program of study. They should also consider their own ability to maintain a 2.0 grade point average while completing their program.

Academic Probation

Student will be placed on academic probation if their semester grade point average and/ or their cumulative GPA fall or remain below 55%.A student on academic  probation may be restricted in the number of credit hours for which he/she registered. He/she will remain on academic probation until his grade point total is above 55%.

Academic Suspension

Student will be suspended from enrollment if either their semester GPA or their  cumulative GPA remains below 55% for three consecutive semesters (for 3 years course) and 2 Consecutive semesters (for 2 years course), unless their cumulative GPA is increases.

Withdrawing from the Course

Students are not permitted to withdraw from the course after two-thirds of the course is completed. All withdrawal requests are reviewed by the admission committee and are granted for compelling cause. Students who withdraw from the course without a written request will not be permitted to continue the course and no transcript will be released.


A student who has not enrolled for more than two consecutive regular semesters will be required to submit a new application for admission and must meet the degree requirements for the current catalogue. Registration alone does not constitute enrollment. A student’s readmission to any term is subject to review. One will be readmitted to the University each term on the basis of his/ her total record, including both academic performance and progress toward effective Christian ministry.The University reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time.

CCU accepts students transferring from another institution for the same course provided they must  bring all the transcripts from previous institution. No transferring student shall be admitted in the final year for any Course under any circumstance.

Access to Student Record

Chil Chil University recognizes the need to maintain the confidentiality of student records. No one except University personnel will be given access to student records. University personnel may gain access only for the purpose of addressing issues related to the academic standing of the student. However, exceptions may occur when the student or others requires access, when accrediting agencies requires access to carry out the accreditation function, or for compliance with a judicial order.

A student has the right to view information in his/her permanent file and may do so by contacting the Registrar and he/she will retrieve the file and will be presented during the examination.

Transcript Request

Each student submitting a signed request will receive a copy of his/her record. The first transcript or copy of a student’s record will be issued without charge. Any additional copy of transcript to a foreign country the fee for each transcript including mailing charge is Rs. 1,500/-.

Note: A student terminated by University 2for his/her misbehavior or breaking the rules shall not be given transcript.

Class Cancellation

CCU reserves the right to cancel any class that is deemed fit by the administration which has insufficient enrollment.

Financial Aid

Chil Chil University (CCU) is aware of the ever-increasing costs that affect individuals who continue their education at CCU. Most of the students are coming from poor family background and are not able to finance their education with a single source of income.They must use a combination of personal savings, scholarship/grants and work scholarship.

i. Work Scholarship

Work Scholarship is available for both national and international students to help men and women to prepare for the Lord’s ministry without depending on someone else. Students are given opportunities to work for their training expenses. But, normally Work Scholarship is granted to cover  tuition and boarding only.

ii). Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarships are grants offered to highly qualified incoming M. Th. students. It is awarded on the basis of the Admission Committee’s evaluation of applications during the normal admission processes. Grantees who continue to meet the conditions of the grant receive Rs. 3,000/- per semester toward payment of tuition for each of their four semesters. A limited amount of fund is set aside to assist M. Th students in their studies.

Awards will be made to individuals in accordance with the following guidelines:

1) A student who demonstrates excellence in academic accomplishment.

2) A student who made potential contribution to the University/CHAMS community.

3) A student who has been outstanding spiritually.

4) A student who has demonstrated a special interest in soul winning and evangelistic ministry.

5) Genuine Financial need as per evaluation by the Admission Committee

 Graduation  Honorary Awards.

i) Presidential Special Award   

The Registrar’s Office will publish the President’s List of those students who achieve a     grade point average of 90% or higher in all the subjects taken.

ii) Academic Award   

It is given to a student who   has been outstanding academically and maintains the    highest mark in the class.

iii) Extra caricular Award:

1. Best Character of the year

2. Best Contributor of the  year

3. Best Preacher of the year

4. Best Improvement of the year