Campus Life and Activities


Lifting the name of Jesus high through music is the primary concern of Chil Chil University. Students are taught to sing or play to bring glory to the Lord. Music classes are a part and partial requirements of the course. We have a qualified music Department and an awesome University Choir who stir and refresh the souls of people during the Church services with their Hymns of praise and worship. In the class room, faculty members teach students  many topics including Philosophy of Music, Music theory, music directing and choral directing, etc.

Chapel and Vesper

Chapel services are the high hour of every school day. Students are required to attend every chapel and vesper. It is the time when the entire family of the CCU gathers to sing, to pray, to praise God, and to be challenged by enthusiastic preachers.


CCU is one of the ministries of Chil Chil Baptist Church. The University students, from the very moment of their acceptance to CCU automatically become associate members of Chil Chil Baptist Church until their departure. Chil Chil Baptist Church gives the Pulpit to only competent, Spirit filled and theologically sound preachers. God’s word is  preached every Sunday morning and evening to nourish the members of the Church. It is here that their classroom training is put to practice as they help to reach the lost world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.campus life


Community Life

Chil Chil University is a co-educational University where students are provided with the opportunities of preaching theoretically as well as practically. It has been designed to shape and mould the life of students both physically and  spiritually.

The University council seeks to relate the  students to church  ministries during vacations. The student’s ministry is a plan for  provision in the near future. Students are expected to bring enough clothing and other necessities.

Hostel Facilities

Boys and girls of CCU will stay at their respective hostels. At present there is no quarter for married students.   However, there is a plan for provision in the near future. Students are expected to bring enough clothing, bedding and other necessities.


The CCU library offers substaintial resources at all levels. The Library is  maintained chiefly for faculty, students and staff of the University. User has easy access to the reference collection of  biblical texts, bibliographic aids, library dictionaries, encyclopedias and other standard reference works. A space is provided for the use of bound and current periodicals. The library’s purpose is to support and enhance the programme of the CCU and research of its faculty and students. Its mission is to equip and enable students in the effective and efficient use of the library and its services.

Spiritual Development

The Dean of students helps students in preparing for their ministries in all matters related to worship service and help in spiritual growth practically, to meet the needs of the students and families in the campus. The faculty members are available to help students for any spiritual problem and give counseling.

Day of Prayer

A day of fast and pray is held on first  Sunday of every month for all the students, staff and faculty where the CCU and individual needs are brought to the Lord in prayer. Every Friday night prayer meeting is held from 6 pm to 10:00 pm.


Weekened Ministry

Sunday school ministry is one of the most effective ways and the activitybest opportunity for the students to equip themselves and train others. One third of the students are involved in Sunday School ministries under CCU. High School Chapel service is another place where the students  preach and share the Gospel.

Outreach Program

Occasionally the University arranges open air preaching programs where students are widely involved. Every week students are required to go for outreach ministries at neighboring villages and towns. activity 2Missiology classes have been doing wonderful soul winning ministry every year through their missions’ trip to the unbelievers.


Recreation and fitness are important for the well-being of the students. The Students are responsible for arrangement of recreational programs in consultation with the Dean of students, such as Fresher’s Meet, Picnic, Sports Day, and Movie night, Praise and Worship, Sharing of blessing and entertainment are organized in every Saturday night

All hostelers must eat in the common mess. Mess committee will be selected by the University Council.

Social Work

Second Saturday of every month is a social work day for CCU community. It is the responsibility of staff, students and all families to keep their premises neat and clean