Doctor of Ministry


Purpose of the Doctor of Ministry Program
The Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed to provide advanced training in the practice of biblical and theologically oriented ministry to those actively involved in vocational or bi-vocational ministry.IMG-20170802-WA0007

Students have opportunity to learn from distinguished faculty coming into South Korea from U.S.A. and the best part of this program is that there is no need to stay in campus the whole time that the students are studying the D.Min course.

The D. Min. degree is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church and para-church ministries, world missions, and similar ministries. The students will remain in ministry throughout the program and does not require them to relocate to the Campus.

How do D.Min. studies work?
We combine the best of adult learning ands professional ministry education. D.Min. studies are built on a foundation of biblical theology and ministry theory, but focus on practical aspects of ministry. While professors bring their expertise to the classroom, significant participation by the students is encouraged and learning is a collaborative process. D. Min. learning is intentionally relevant to ministry and life.

Before and after the resident portion of each course, the student will complete assignments. At the end of the entire D.Min. program, the student is required to do a Dissertation which implements and evaluates the ministry in the student’s particular context.

IMG-20170802-WA0006Prospective Candidate
The D.Min. program admits men who show evidence that they:

1) are born again and proven Christian character;
(2) normally have at least three years of vocational or bivocational Christian ministry experience
(3) have an academic record that demonstrates superior ability and shows promise of success in doctoral studies; and
(4) hold an accredited Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Theology (Th.M.) degree, or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree or equivalence.


Applicants must submit all the required documents for admission along with $.50.00 processing fee. Prospective students may apply for admission at any time. The deadline for the Summer session is May 15 and for the Winter session is November 15. For details on admission contact Admissions Office.



» To articulate the scriptural philosophy of the Pastoral office , Mission and carry out the responsibilities of the Pastoral office efficiently and effectively.
» To expound the scriptures with clarity that meet the needs of his congregation and identify the various current issues of Missiology.
» To enable students to manifest a maturing and Spirit-filled character.
» To enable students to enhance identified ministerial skills such as preaching, counseling, leadership, administration, vision-casting, educational programming and communication.


Course Requirements 
The D.Min. program requires 29 credit hours of course work, plus a 3-hour Dissertation related to the student’s ministry. The program normally shall require at least three years of study.
All courses are six months in length, but include only four weeks (two weeks in summer and two weeks in winter) residence at the Daegu, South Korea extension site. During the pre-resident months, students read and interact with course material. After the course meets for the resident week, students complete all the assignments for the course. The on-going students’ registration for Summer course must be completed by March 15, and winter course by September 15.


D.Min. Course Design
The D.Min. degree at Chil Chil Baptist College &  Seminary is in ministry rather than in residence. You may find yourself at the Daegu, South Korea extension site only four weeks out of an entire year. This allows you to remain in your current ministry, incorporating your studies directly and immediately. Students complete relevant reading and assignments before and after a two week resident portion, which meets at the Daegu, South Korea extension site. The two week resident portion of the course normally shall occur in January and July.


Pre-resident April 15 – June October 15 -December
Resident July 1 – 15 January
Post resident August – October 15 February- April 15

The first commencement: 1st July – 15 July, 2017

During pre-residence, students prepare for the resident portion by reading assigned books and completing practical assignments. The resident portion is the week during which students meet together as a class with their professors. The postresident portion calls for the integration of the course content with the student’s ministry.


Resident Period

All Students are required to stay 2 weeks and earn 6 credit hours per semester. Whereas Teachers are required to stay only 1 week to teach a subject. Therefore, 2 teachers will be engaged to teach 2 subjects for every semester.

Finance Information

The following fee structure applies only to First Semester to Fourth Semester in India. For the fifth (in South Korea) and sixth Semester,, please contact the D.Min Director for detail.

1. Processing fee - Rs. 1,000.00 (Once).
2. Admission fee - Rs.7,000.00 (Once).
3. Dissertation fee - Rs. 10,000  (Once).
4. Graduation fees Rs. 5,000.00 (Once)
5 Registration fee Rs. 5,000.00 (Every Semester)
6 Tuition fee Rs. 2,000.00 (Every Semester)
7 Boarding fee Rs. 3,000.00 (Every Semester)

Important: The above Semester fees do apply to the fees for the fifth Semester in South Korea.It will be higher than the usual cost of study in India.

» It is compulsory for all students to book a round trip ticket to Daegu, South Korea in the fifth Semester.

All the Correspondence are to be addressed to:-
The director for D.Min, at (or

Apply Online Now or Download application form

For details contact:Ph. 8414868933 and Registrar: Ph. 9436657467.