A Brief History of Chil Chil Theological Seminary

In 1990 the Chil Chil Church of Tae-gu city in South Korea took up the burden of establishing a Theological Seminary in Manipur. It took up this task under the dynamic Pastorship of Dr. Park Cheong Il with a vision to evangelize South Asia. The Chil Chil Church contacted Dr. David T. Wijunamai who was then studying at ACTS, South Korea, to be their Missionary and later appointed him as President of Chil Chil Theological Seminary (CCTS). In the beginning CCTS was established on the top of a beautiful hill at Leikhampokpi about one hour drive from Imphal City. It was inaugurated by Dr. Park-Ki-Young and Yang Ki Bok, the President and the Director of Chil Chil Asian Mission Society (CHAMS) Korea, respectively on September 9, 1993.

The Seminary pioneered the four-year Bachelor of Theology (B.Th). An unfortunate incident of Naga-Kuki conflict affected the Seminary and it was forced to close down, only two days later, on September 11, 1993. In January 1994 it was reopened for one year at Koirengei, Imphal. While the Seminary was at Leikhampokpi a piece of land was bought at Kanglatongbi on the river bank of ThumkhokLok, on the west side of National Highway No. 39 with a purpose to establish a Church. In 1995 a temporary building was constructed inside the church’s property and subsequently the seminary was shifted to Kanglatongbi in January 1995.

The old campus at Leikhampokpi was disposed off to the Central Reserve Police Force [CRPF] in 1996 and relocation work was taken up on the new campus. In 2001 the Seminary was given accreditation by Asia Theological Association (ATA) for Bachelor of Theology (B.Th). In 2004 the Seminary upgraded a two-year Master of Divinity (M. Div.) program for those students whose goals are oriented toward professional ministries in order to pursue an academic carrier in Biblical and Theological disciplines. The Master of Arts (MA) program was also inaugurated in the same year for students whose ministries would not require the in-depth language training of the M. Div. program and to give specialized missions training. Consequently, M. Div and MA were accredited by ATA in 2006. The Master of Theology (Th. M) program was begun in August 2011 to further prepare the Seminary graduates for the changing demand of ministry as Evangelists, Pastors, Missionaries and Teachers on any mission field both at home and abroad. CCTS is committed to train men and women from the whole of India and its neighboring countries for worldwide ministry in soul winning, church planting and discipleship.

Throughout the Seminary’s history it has steadfastly maintained its allegiance to evangelical truth. Both faculty and students of CCTS remain unreservedly committed to the evangelization of South Asia.