Procedure for Admission

1. Secure an Application Form from the office of the Registrar with payment of Rs. 100 and fill it out completely.
2. Attach two recent passport size photographs.
3. Mail/Submit the completed application along with Rs. 100/- application fee (ignore if already paid) to the Office of Registrar.
4. Give the two Reference Forms to the appropriate Christian workers and ask them to send the sealed references directly to the Registrar, CCTS.
5. A Recommendation letter from a Pastor should be sent directly to Registrar, CCTS.
6. A report of physical examination by a recognized medical doctor should be submitted no more than six months prior to the beginning of the session.
7. Application must accompany with photocopies of the following documents:

a)   Transcripts of all degrees (HSLC, 10+2, B.Th., B.A., etc).

b)   Certificate of all earned degrees.

c)   Personal Testimony.

d)   All other documents called for.

8. Screening:

Admission committee reviews each applicants profile on the basis of their academic record, their commitment, and completion of all required documents.

9. Entrance Exam:

Entrance Exam is conducted both in written and oral form in January and June. Only successful candidates will be accepted.

10. Transfer Students:

a)   Complete all the first 9 steps.

b)  Request each institution which applicants have attended to send a complete official transcript directly to the Registrar, CCTS.

c)   Transferring student must provide on a separate paper the reason as to why they are transferring.

d)   Recommendation should be obtained from the previous college.

e)   No transferring student shall be admitted in the final year for any Course under any circumstance.

11. Official Registration:

Official Registration for all courses is required at the beginning of every semester at the Office of Registrar. Students joining a course later by one week will not be admitted.

Requirement for International Applicant: International students particularly from South Asia may apply for admission to Chil Chil Theological Seminary. Those who wish to apply for work scholarship must write to the Registrar.
The International student must fulfill all legal procedure for admission and submit the completed documents required by the Government of India.