Registration Accreditation

Chil Chil Theological Seminary is a non-profit educational institution and has been duly registered under the Government of Manipur Societies Registration Act 1990 bearing Registration No. 212/M/SR/1990. CCTS offers Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Missiology being accredited by Asia Theological Association.

CCTS will seek accreditation for Diploma in Theology and Master of Theology in New Testament, Pastoral Theology and Missions. Chil Chil Theological Seminary is open to both men and women who are academically and spiritually qualified and capable of pursuing a thorough course of study.

Therefore, admission is designed to ensure that each student who is admitted to the Seminary has the capacity to pursue his work successfully. Normally the Seminary accepts only resident students. However, day scholarships may be granted in exceptional cases. The applicants’ call and commitment to ministry are given priority for granting admission.