Chil Chil Baptist Church

c6Chil Chil Baptist Church is an independent local Church, established with the following objective:

to have fellowship with the believers; to evangelize the lost souls; to equip its members with the undiluted Word of God and to engage in the development of the society and its moral corruption though her good testimony.

Every member is required to know and agree with the objective of the Church before he or she is admitted to the membership of the body. We are also a mission-oriented organization where every member of the Church is involved in missions, through giving, going or praying.

Sunday is the busiest and most exciting day of the Week. CCBC has three different worship services every Sunday.

  1. Manipuri Worship Service(General): 6.00-7.00 AM
  2. Children Service (for Hostellers and High school students): 2.00-3.00 AM
  3. English Worship Service (General): 6.00-7.00 PM

We conduct Monthly fasting program on the first Sunday of each Month to pray for various needs of the Church, Seminary, School and development projects. W also always remember our prayer partners, supporters, missionaries and our nation on fasting and prayer day.

This is also the day when we used to have Baptismal program for those who are genuinely saved, and voluntarily desire to get water baptism, in identification with his or her Savior and as a testimony before the world, that he or she is a new creation.

On the same evening, we observe the Lordís Supper with or without the baptized members, to remember the substitutionary death and suffering of Christ for our sins, and to look forward to his Second Advent.

IMG-20170804-WA0000We are actively involved in missions, knowing that it is the heart beat of the Church. Members of our Church sacrificially contribute their portions, according to their ability and as God put in their hearts, for missions, apart from their regular tithes and offerings. On the third Sunday of the Month, they bring their faith promise offerings for the beloved missionaries for whom they have been praying every day. For further details concerning our missions you may follow this link: MISSIONS.

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