Church officers

CCBC is ruled by spiritual Administrators, appointed by the members of the Church and governed according to the pattern of the New Testament principles. We have two pastors: Senior Pastor and associate pastors. They are fully backed and helped by faithful five deacons and one secretary. Each deacon looks after one separate ministry. The following are the five major ministry department of Chil Chil Baptist Church.


  1. Missions deacon, also known as missions director, looks after Missions department.
  2. Education deacon looks after secular school (CCAMS)activities.
  3. Training deacon looks after theological training department (CCBCS).
  4. Property deacon takes a good care of all the property related responsibilities.
  5. Project deacon is uncharged of DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.


In addition to that,we also have one SUNDAY SCHOOL Superintendant, CHOIR Master and thirty Sunday School teachers, selected from the Bible School, serving at 14 different localities.