Sunday school ministry

The most progressing and fruitful ministry of CCBC is the Sunday School ministry. Number of Sunday School students are increased. At present, there are about 700 students attending our Sunday school classes in different localities. And also God has added another two new places among non-Christian community. Totally, we are sending our Bible College students to 14 different Sunday School classes under the leadership of Lecturer Ml. Namjengdinang, the Sunday School Superintendant of CCBC.

Sunday School, 2017

We praise God that so many children were abundantly blessed even this year through CCBC Sunday School Ministry. 43 young men and women volunteers (Seminarian) are involved as Sunday school teachers. Classes are conducted not only inside the campus, but it also extended to various places in the surrounding areas such as: Koirengei, Khongampat, Sekmai, Durga Nagar, Bazar Board, Hathikwa, Tispari, Tedlong Colony, A.R. Colony and Shantipur. Some of the fields are well organised fellowship while other places require teachers to personally go house to house or at the street and invite children for class. As we give our maximum effort we could witness changes and transformation in many children’s lives. It is thrilling to see our student growing up in faith and practical life as well. Your fervent prayer support is coveted as we continue to labour to save so many lost souls.

Many non-Christian students have positively responded to the Gospel. IMG_6942 IMG_6954

Sl no Place Teachers Students
1 CHAMS Campus 30 350
2 Koirengei A 3 30
3 Koirengei B 2 07
4 Chundi Ram 5 25
5 Tedlong Colony 4 60
6 Tispari 4 16
7 Sahntipur 3 20
8 Durga Nagar 4 26
9 A.R Colony 4 20
10 Khonghampat 2 25
11 Hathikwa 4 29
12 Bazar Board 4 30
13 Namdilong 2 33
14 Sekmai 4 33
Total 704

In the midst of the hectic ministry they also face lots of difficulties and bitter experiences. Their of parents tried to keep their children away from attending Sunday school classes; and some children are called out from the class while the class is going on.

Earnestly pray for our Sunday School Ministry as it has given great opportunities for the students to apply the theoretical knowledge into action. Most of all, we have prioritized this mission to win the lost souls and train them up in the fear of the Lord, so that, when they grow up they will not depart from the truth.