Chil Chil Asian Mission School

Chil Chil Asian Mission School was established in 1999 and is managed by chil Chil Asian Mission Society, which is registered as a non-profit making, non-political and a autonomous religious society having its constitution, vision, mission, and objectives. CCAMS is founded with the intention of imparting quality education blended with spiritual education in the students.


Education, according to Aristotle, is what differentiates human beings from the other lower animals. John Ruskin, the great Victorian social thinker said education means, Non teaching the youth the shapes of letters and the tricks of numbers and leaving them to turn the arithmetic to roguery and the literature to lust but giving them training which makes them happiest in themselves. We believe in the holistic development of the students and strive to impart ideals and quality education to the students which would facilitate in the development, growth and welfare of the society

Individual students are also encouraged to explore their innate potentialities and developed scientific and philanthropic outlooks in order to make them self reliant and independent, so as to meaningfully contribute to the evolution of a just and fair society.

We make it our objectives to train and educate the stutdents so that they become social assets and not liabilities. It is my prayer that each student becomes successful in their endeavors and a blessing to the society.


School Staffs


Staff of CCAMS & CCBCS

The school has well qualified and experienced teachers. Majority of the teachers reside in and around the campus to cater to the needs of the students. There are altogether 39 teaching and non-teaching staff. The school authority has made it mandatory to all the teachers beyond Sekmai to reside in the campus. Many of them are engaged as tutors in the hostel during the study hour. Free accommodation along with mess facilities are provided to them.



Annual Sports Meet


The school annual sports meet was held from the 12-14 of October. Students were divided into four houses, i.e. Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Competitions in various fields were conducted with active participations by all the teachers and students. At the end, Red House was declared the overall champion. Prize Distribution for the same was held on the 5th of November.







Chil Chil Asian Mission School was declared as the best performer in the High School Leaving Certificate Examination, 2010, conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, in the Sadar Hills District.


Chil Chil Asian Mission School commenced its academic session on the 5th of February, 2010. The total number of students enrolled was 1200. Beginning this year a new program is implemented giving free education to students from LKG to Class V (five).



Extra Curricular Activities


To develop the student personality, creativity, leadership quality, team work and scientific outlook, the school conducted various extra-curricular activities like sports, drawing and painting competition, science seminar, debate, extempore speech, quiz, song competitioin, picnics, excursion etc.


Chapel and Bible Class




Spiritual upliftment plays a vital role in the development of children. Keeping this in mind, chapel classes are conducted thrice a week. Teachers, Seminary lecturers, guest speakers other than the chaplain are also given the privilege to share the word of God. Lower class students also attended Sunday Bible School under the supervision of the Seminary.







Children’s Camp


Children’s Camp, Youth Camp and VBS are some of the priorities of CCAMS. Almost every year such spiritual training are given to the students. This is one way to develop the students by providing allround education.


Social Work

Social works are organized from time to time. Children are made to clean up and beautify the campus by picking up litters, weeds, etc. and also planting flowers and trees. Students are divided into groups and assigned duties under the supervision of the teachers.


Outreach Program

CCAMS students used to visit neighboring churches churches like, Makhan, Khunkhu, Leikhampokpi, Hathikhuwa, Motbung, Sekmai and Senapapti. They are often led by Seminary professors, warden and students from CCBCS.