S.T. Hostel


Ministry of Tribal Affairs is supporting a hostel for schedule tribes at Kanglatongbi. Students from remote areas are given accommodation, uniforms and food free of cost, so they can pursue their education. Extracurricular activities, sports, medical check-up, recreation and all round development facilities are also provided in addition tuition is also given to students who are weak in particular subject for improvement.

S.T. Hostel is for the poor and underprivileged tribal students sponsored by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi since 1999. The purpose of the S.T. Hostel is to help students having difficulties in accommodation, educational and academic pursuit.



There are 100 boarders in the hostel during the reporting period comprising of 58 boys and 42 girls. These children are from interior villages of Senapati, Ukhrul and Tamenglong District.

There are lack good educational facilities in these areas therefore students from these areas are admitted in the Hostel.

Facilities Tribal students from far-flung villages are provided free food and lodging and free tuition. At times free school uniforms, books and stationary items such as Note books, pen, pencil, scale writing boards, erasers, pencil sharpener, geometry box etc. and toiletry items, towel, bucket, mug, soap, detergent, hair oil, combs, tooth brush, and paste are provided for the most deserving (financially very poor students)develop1

Administration and Management

The S.T. Hostel is under the strict vigil of its Superintendent. Warden of both the hostels ensure discipline and the overall smooth functioning of the day to day activities. The hostel mess is handled by a Manager and three cooks provide three meals a day. The management aims to ensure the security and comfort of a homely atmosphere.


Wardens and Tutors ensure two hours of study, 06 – 08 a.m. in the morning and two hours, 06 – 08 p.m in the evening. Daily devotionals and singing of Chorus and songs are enjoyed greatly by the children.

Medical Facility

A part-time Doctor gives medical treatment whenever students are unwell; Medicine is kept at the Warden’s office for emergency purpose. But, medicine is given always as per Doctor’s instruction. Besides giving treatment of the students, the Doctor makes regular mass check up. Seriously ill students are referred to the Hospital otherwise all the students are treated in the Campus. The students are given routine immunization as required.

Hostellers in the weekend


Weekend activities comprise of games, physical drill and exercise in the morning and recreation nights are organized where cultural dances, fancy show, songs and jokes are enjoyed.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are great platform for children to teaching them Folk songs & Cultural dance. Children enjoy and it’s great fun for Staff coming from different tribes to have cultural activities. Besides being enjoyable it is great way of learning different cultural through songs and dances. They treasure these experiences.


Excursion and picnics were also organized periodically where children were given a chance to go out and experience wider environment such as Parks, Zoos, Museums, Lakes, and Mountains. But all the Hostellers cannot go for Excursion, as the students are great in number and it is not possible to manage with the fund provided for excursion. Some Hostellers/Kids are very small/young and they cannot travel to a far place.

Therefore, only grown up children are taken for excursion and the small ones are taken for picnic nearby. The fund is utilized for both excursion and picnic.

Games and Sports


Games & Sports are organized under the supervision of teachers. There is a spacious playground in the Campus where games like football, volleyball, badminton, tenicoit, sepaktakraw, kabadi are played. Athletic events such as 100 meter race, 200 meter race, obstacle race, mathematic race, high hump, long jump, triple jump, shot-put, javelin throw, discus throw, tug of war are organized for both senior and junior groups.

Other items for small kids and toddlers were also held. Adequate games and sports materials are provided for all the groups.

Games & Sports are compulsory for all the Boarders. No student should be found missing during the games & sports period without permission from the Warden/Matron. Games are a part of education and so everyone is expected to consider the same seriously.


Some senior boarders commented that CHAMS S.T. Hostel is a “Home away from Home”. It is efficiently catering to poor Tribal children for their all round development: Physical, Mental, spiritual and social as it says in the Bible (Lk. 2:52) Boarders are quite happy and satisfied with the facilities and treatment provided for them.