Swadhar shelter home


Department of Development is also successfully implementing a Shelter Home under Project Swadhar sponsored by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. At present the Shelter Home is taking care of 100 widows & 32 children rendered homeless due to insurgency, Kuki-Naga ethnic clash or in some case abandoned by their families. It is also operating a help line round the clock and helps in rehabilitating women and children.

Swadhar is a shelter home for unfortunate victims, widows and children rendered homeless in the ethnic clash. The State of Manipur is yet to recover from the ugly ethnic clashes between the Kukis and the Nagas in the year 1993-95 where many lives were lost and villages were burnt down. Consequently many widows and orphans are left behind to fend for themselves and struggle for survival continues even today.



CHAMS had pitched in to redress the situation and started a program called Swadhar Home at Kanglatongbi, Senapati District, Manipur. A brilliant scheme designed to cater to the needs of the neglected widows and orphans. It is implemented with fund from Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.


The Swadhar Shelter Home is constructed in CHAMS Campus, Kanglatongbi, The location of the Swadhar Shelter Home in quite suitable as it is easily accessible from the NH-39 with Hospital facilities and Police Station within 2 Kms range.


The Beneficiaries


There are 100 women and 32 children beneficiaries under CHAMS Swadhar Scheme during the reporting period. All the beneficiaries are living in difficult circumstances. They are the victims of Kuki-Naga ethnic clashes who have been rendered homeless with no source of income. The project is quite beneficial for such women and children to rehabilitate them into productive members of the society.


The Help Line

CHAMS has appointed 3 persons to act as Counselors for the Help-Line and they are operating round the clock. There are 3 shifts and each one consists of 8 hours. The operators are highly qualified and experienced in Counseling and dealing with women. All the problems and difficulty have been looked after by the operators. The needy women are given immediate attention and help is extended to the distress callers by attending to their need promptly.


Aims and Objectives

1. To provide shelter for the poor victims of ethnic clash who are homeless and shifting from one relative to another.
2. To encourage, give advice and render service to the victim so that they are not victimized again.
3. To directly train ethnic clash victims to help them find means of livelihood and set them free from their desperate situation of surviving hand to mouth.



Self employment and Children Education

The women beneficiaries are provided self-employment opportunity in trades like Weaving, Wool Knitting and Tailoring etc. in the Campus to earn extra income for themselves and their children. Children below twelve years of age are sent to CHAMS School for their education and they are sponsored by CHAMS.



The Swadhar Shelter Home is managed by nine dedicated Committee Members. Home Superintendent, Counselor, Clerk, Cook, watchman etc. are efficiently taking care of the different aspect of running and taking care of the Shelter Home. A medical doctor regularly visits the Home on a weekly basis for advice and health care of the inmates; medicines are made available for emergency and minor health problems.


General Reflection

Swadhar Project sponsored by the Ministry of Women and Child Development is a shelter home for women in distress. The Swadhar Shelter home has 100 women inmates and 32 children. Earlier there were 50 women inmates and 18 children. April, 2009 saw the number of beneficiaries increased to 100 women and 32 children. The widows and children of the Shelter Home are provided with all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. Currently the Swadhar Shelter Home is running very smoothly with adequate infrastructure provided to the inmates of the Home. The ethnic clash victims are provided with all the basic needs of shelter and food with medical facilities, moral and emotional support by competent doctors and counselors.


The inmates are given all possible help and support for comfortable stay. The inmates are quite happy and satisfied. The Swadhar Shelter Home is helping poor widows and orphans in giving them a fair chance to build their lives thus giving hope to the hopeless. Since its establishment this shelter home has been running smoothly. All possible help and support that the inmates require whether it is legal, moral, emotional or medical assistance are provided to all the beneficiaries.