Gaius Bible Institute

Doctorofdivinity1We Gaius established Gaius Bible Institute to raise our own leaders and to educate missionaries for world missions.

Gaius Bible Institute is associated with Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary, Kanglatongbi, India, in education and ordination of pastors.

Recently Gaius Bible Institute has conferred Doctor of divinity to Rev. Hibou K. Khumba, Academic Dean of Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary.




Ch. Maniudoubou 

Fellowship between Giaus International Mission Society (GIMS) Korea and Chil Chil Mission Society (CHAMS) India did take place on 14th of November 1013. The Korean visitors arrived on 13th of November despite initial hiccups. This meeting was a showcase of the love that is in Christ Jesus. Some of the members of the GIMS had never met anyone or seen any work that was done here in Kalatongbi or in other mission field of CHAMS. Only by faith, they had sown and supported CHAMS Mission for more than 20 years. And through this meeting, which is in the fullness of God’s time, we could meet with each and they could see with their own eyes, what the Lord has achieved here in India.

GIMSvisitorIt is no exaggeration that some were even shedding tears. The joy of that moment can only stay in the memories of the witnesses and captured by the eyes of those who were present, for, words fail to give adequate expression.

The fellowship include song completion but extended to sharing a meal with all the school children numbering 1500 and 160 seminary students. It was a wonderful time of enjoying wonderful meal and fellowship.   May such relationship continue to abide between GIMS Korea and CHAMS India.