History of GIMS



Gaius Church was first established in 1988, in Daegu City, South Korea by Dr. Park Cheong Il, primarily for the purpose of good works, so that the will of God may be achieved. It has been in the missions of God for these 26 years supporting both home and foreign missions organizations, establishing Churches in obedience to the Lord’s commission. Dr. Park Cheong Il Dr Park Cheong Il

 Purpose and Mission

Our purpose of mission is to evangelize the whole of Asia. To accomplish our objective we chose India to establish a mission center there and for that work, we decided to have Dr. David T. Wijunamai, President of CHAMS India, to be our partner. In partnership with CHAMS India, we have produced altogether five hundred and forty three (639) theological graduates and established about thirty (30) Churches and house fellowships in Asia. We have been devoting all that we can to the project continuously till now. Dr. David T. Wijunamai President-Dr-David-T-Wijunamai

Our Partnership and organizations

We always endeavor to maintain a balanced relationship with other faithful Christian organizations. At present we have six major interrelated organizations: three in South Korea and the other three partnership ministries and institutions in India. These are the partnership ministries that support each other and coordinate in the outworking:       dmin

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