Department of Mission

CHAMS Mission Department is committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christians; leading them to true repentance and experience of personal salvation; guiding them to the point of water baptism; and forming them as a visible local fellowship or church which will be actively involved in Christian worship and service.


Our mission is to reach out with all legitimate means to all sections of people at home and abroad to win the lost to Christ. We reach out prayerfully to 10/40 window nations, particularly, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Tibet with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through training and sending of missionaries. We also work with all means we can, to encourage and empower local churches and leaderships to directly involve in the mission to reach the 10/40 window nations. At present, we have 25 missionaries working in 12 mission fields of 6 Asian countries.

ML. Ditalakbou


Mission Director

It is the responsibility of the Mission Director to prepare plans and strategies for all activities related to mission Endeavour in consultation with the Board of Trustee. Materials for mission work are also sent out from his office. He is also in charge of coordinating between the missionaries and the sponsoring body. The missionaries make all necessary correspondences and give him their activities report once in two months time. He also visits mission fields to monitor the progress of the works of missionaries and to encourage the new believers.