Mission Fields and Missionaries

Chil Chil Baptist Church is currently sending out three missionaries in Assam (Inida), Bhutan and Manipur(India).Sanjit Meitei is working in Karbianglong,Assam. He has started a school in a remote village where there is no close to it. He is mainly evangelizing the tribal Hindu in Assam.

Our missionary Sanjit Meetei’s school in Assam is steadily growing with 51 students by this year, 2017. Out of these 95% of students are from non-Christian communities. Nine of them are given 100% scholarship. The students are equipped with both secular and spiritual knowledge. He also plants church in rural areas.

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Mr. Maipak is another missionary who is actively engaged in evangelism with the Manipuri Hindu youth in Imphal as our missionary. He teaches English Grammar to the local youth and preaches the Gospel of Christ.