Beware or Bewail

Last updated on : July 24th, 2014

Beware or Bewail

Dr. Park Cheong Il, founder of Gaius International Mission Society, has written couple of books, including his latest book Immanuel Across the Worlds and Beings. Other professors have also authored or co-authored some books. Unfortunately, none of them are available online.

The only book that is available online is Beware or Bewail, written by Ngounibou Thiumai, the associate pastor of Chil Chil Baptist Church. Currently he is also teaching Christian Apologetics, Greek language and Pastoral Care and Counseling at Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary. This book was first published with the title You Are What You Choose. But latter, in the year 2014, it was revised and officially published online with the new title Beware or Bewail.



What others say about the book?

“In this day of permissiveness and irresponsibility this book brings us back to reality. Thiumai has researched thoroughly the matter of choice in an interesting and fascinating manner. Everyone young or old will benefit by a careful reading of this good book.”

Dr. Gene Gurganus, President of Truth Publishers

“This book suits in all spheres and soothes today’s cyber youth. The painstaking sandwiching of anecdotes and quotes in the book is quite appealing and inviting. Intellectual element is well reflected in the book peppered with spiritual drive. A diligently authored book. A balm indeed for today’s adhoc-happiness seeking society.”

Witoubou Newmai, Editor, Newmai News Network

“I have read the book and I HIGHLY recommend it for all to read. It is filled with godly practical wisdom from Pastor Thiumai’s personal experiences as a man, husband, father, pastor and counselor. Pastor Thiumai has done a superb job.”

Dr. James W. Starr, President, Vision2020Asia

“Insightful, practical and powerful. I was deeply moved and motivated by Pastor Thiumai’s challenge to intentionally cultivate a life of highest value through the pursuit of making, not only the right choice, but the best choice. Since reading this book, I am more keenly aware of the countless choices that confront me each day, beckoning me to choose wisely.”

Lisa Stewart, Coordinator, e3partners

“Every serious man and woman must read this book. It’s worth reading.”

Dr. Peter Thiumai, Director, Hope for Nations Ministries


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